Welcome to Our League of Action!Heroes

In 2016, the Founders of Photo Start saw children in need and decided to do something about it. They knew that teaching the art, science, and business of photography would help close the digital divide and break the cycle of poverty, strengthening the community and creating a future in focus. 

Though we have had many successes, the pandemic has disproportionately impacted those living in low-income, under-resourced, and marginalized areas around the world. Every day we see people young and old struggling with a variety of challenges from homelessness, hunger, disease, and chronic unemployment to a myriad of other troubles.

The issues and numbers are overwhelming, which can leave many of us feeling paralyzed, not knowing what to do or where to start. 

Now you can stop thinking about what to do and start doing something about it! And WE are going to support you with tools and tips for getting your hero on.  
Shine a spotlight on our students by sharing their stories.
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  • Be a walking billboard – wear a Photo Start Action Hero t-shirt on your adventures 
Donate your old digital cameras and other photo gear.
  • Give your old tech a new life with our students. Click here for a list of needed items and donation instructions. Estimate a total of 20 minutes to gather info, complete our submission process, and pack up your gear, plus the time to get to your favorite shipper.
  • Hold a Donation Drive! Collect photo and digital equipment from family, friends, and co-workers at your next gathering.  And host a Drive-by Donation Drive in your neighborhood.
  • Partial list of needs:
    • Digital cameras
    • Lenses
    • Straps
    • Camera bags
    • Memory cards
    • Lighting equipment
    • Tripods
    • iPads
    • Smartphones
Direct a campaign to bankroll one of our programs.
  • Instead of presents for a birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or holiday, ask guests to join your crusade. It’s easy: just click on “I want to fundraise for this” at GiveLively
  • Honor a special person by creating a legacy for them that will carry on to future generations.
  • Bond with your children and show off your family values with a philanthropy adventure.
  • Organize an online or in-person auction of amazing photographs by our Students.
  • Script your own project. Tell us your ideas, and we’ll work with you to produce a hit!
  • Contact Abby for more information and philanthropy activities: 

More Ways to Take Action!

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