Aldonia is a 12 year old student at Rietenbosch Primary School, in Rietenbosch, South Africa. She is always first in line for a camera or memory card, and can be found roaming the grounds of her school looking for beautiful images to capture.She has a healthy appetite, a head for numbers, and enjoys math. When Aldonia grows up, she wants to be a lawyer. Her dream is to live in a large house with a lot of space. 
Caitlynn is a student at the Carel du Toit Center, where deaf children learn to speak. She enjoys spending time with friends and with the camera. If there’s one task Caitlyn hates, it’s cleaning the house. In fact, as long as someone else takes care of that, she’s a happy girl. She’d much rather play games like tennis, hide and seek and tag, and eat some pizza. She loves kids and wants to work in a public school teaching small children.
Daniel, with his quick smile, is one of the most appreciative kids we’ve worked with, and also very generous. He sees it as a great privilege that he has been given an opportunity to learn photography, something he never thought was possible. He is a fast learner too. Daniel loves sharing, be it a camera or a new technique that he has learnt. He hopes to make a career as a pilot but to also spend his free time giving back to the community by sharing the gift of photography with other children.
Duane wants to be an actor, a singer, a dancer, and an all around artist when he grows up. Duane has been participating in Photo Start for two years and has come a long way! He values honesty, loyalty, and freedom; he dislikes fake friends. His wish is for peace on Earth.
Elizabeth wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. She knows she needs to work hard to make her dream of being a lawyer a reality, and is therefore very disciplined when it comes to her studies. But she still makes time for her hobbies, which are dancing and drawing.
Mercy is a teen whose love for dancing is unmistakable. She has three brothers and one sister and her only wish is an opportunity to get a good education for all of them. She enjoys photography and believes that aside from the fun side of it, it can make for a very good career. She hopes to get an opportunity to share this wonderful gift with other children in future.
Victor is a teen who is not sure of his year of birth. He lives and attends school at Inua Mimi Rescue Centre. He started taking photography classes in 2016 and has shown great improvement and a knack for picking the most striking and gripping locations to take photos. He loves spending time with his family and abhors anything that would bring harm to children. He also has no patience for corrupt individuals. When he grows up, Victor hopes to make a career as either a DJ, a pilot, an engineer, or a photographer. Victor loves working with other children, and you will often find him helping them out whenever they get stuck. He is the epitome of a great future for Kibera kids.
For Ahlumile, fun is at the centre of everything! A student at ¬†Carel du Toit Center, where deaf children learn to speak, Ahlumile has a kind heart. One of her top wishes is that all kids had access to candy – very sweet! It is no surprise that she wishes to work with children as a nurse in the future. On top of all that, she happens to be a great dancer, too! 

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