Lighting the Way

Photo Start helps students build self confidence and self-reliance. Using digital photography and video, we teach skills that are preprequisites in multiple industries, which creates educational and economic opportunities.

“Photography, it’s just a small thing, but it can make your life so big.”

We’re Focused on Change

13+ partner programs in Nairobi, Kenya, South Africa, USA & Israel

U.S. partnerships in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago & Philadelphia

Over 800 students reached and educated, including 49 mentors

Participating students have received scholarships, full time employment, remuneration and international recognition

With a camera, we express ourselves without words, across communities and cultures. Photography allows us to help children and young adults find their voice while building digital skills and self-confidence. 

Digital photography requires not just skill with a camera, but computing and technological skills that are prerequisites in fields other than photography. For many students, our program is a first encounter with a computer, as well as a camera.


Our curricula are modular and divided into Beginner, Advanced, Life Skills, and Gap Year, so students can thrive in any circumstance. We encourage our students to teach one another as they advance, developing critical leadership and communication skills. Students blossom as they are given more responsibility, culminating with the opportunity to teach their own Photo Start program.

Our goal is to provide access and opportunities, and to create generational change. The Photo Start program has proven to young people, their families, their communities, and our supporters that hope exists for a better future through skills development and art and technology education.


Which Lens Are You?

A lens is a critical part of the camera. Its job is to focus light beams. Our donors are the lens we use to enlighten the lives of children and young people with limited access to opportunities. On the ground and online, we are teaching critical life skills, improving community relations, and creating bright futures.

Stay in the Picture