May 16, 2021

Photo Start Mother’s Week

By Elizabeth

If you have been following our social  media channels, then you know that this has been a special week in Photo Start. We made a decision to extend Mother’s Day by creating Photo Start Mother’s Week. This has given us an opportunity to honor many more mothers from the Photo Start family.

We bring to a close our Photo Start Mother’s Week by honoring two wonderful ladies without whom Photo Start would not be what it is today.

Photo Start is a family-based organization, and our founders, the brother and sister team of David and Abigail Lehman, believe that they would most certainly not have been able to launch this organization without the support and blessing from their mother, Diane. We asked David and Abigail to tell us something about their mum, and this is what they had to say.

Diane is the lynchpin of our family, who taught us how to be empathetic and care for the well-being of others. She modeled how to be gracious in every circumstance, and taught us to treat everyone with respect and dignity, no matter who they are or where they come from. These lessons resonate  in our work today, where we work with often overlooked or underestimated young people. Our mom also taught us how to appreciate art and culture and made sure we had every educational opportunity for enrichment. That is the foundation of what we offer at Photo Start.”

Diane, David, Abigail: One Face

At Photo Start we believe where you start isn’t where you have to stop. Our mom has always been a force behind us and helps us reach higher and higher every day.  We love you so much, Mom!

Abigail went a step further and spoke about another special lady who has been a big influence on her life, grandma Sally.

Watching my grandma lead her own business, where she was the boss, left an indelible impression on me as a little girl.  Whenever we travelled, she was the one who negotiated with vendors and merchants, as we purchased souvenirs in markets all over the world. With a wink and a smile,  grandma Sally could charm ANYONE. Sally knows how to drive a hard bargain. But by the end of each negotiation, nearly every vendor fell in love with this sassy little blonde lady from Brooklyn, NY.

Grandma Sally

Sally leads with curiosity and warmth, and to her there are no strangers… just friends you haven’t met yet. Her zest for life and sense of adventure propelled my grandparents to travel around the world. Her perseverance, willingness to always ask, and her self-advocacy set a powerful example of how to be a woman in business. We wouldn’t be who we are as people, or as an organization, without Sally!”

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