Returning students make class amazing!

October 24, 2019 // Elizabeth

It is always a pleasure when a photographer comes to spend time with the students who are going through our photography program. This past week, 23rd and 24th October, we had Sarah Sunday, a 21-year-old budding documentary photographer who went through the Photo Start program while attending a Girls’ Leadership Incubator Program at Akili Dada in 2018, come to visit.

She spent two days with students at St Mary’s, Silanga sharing the story of her journey into photography and how it has changed her life. It was a treat for our photography students to have her in class; interacting with them and answering their never-ending questions. They even had a practical photography session outdoors where she shared some of her tips & tricks. The students were amazed that at only 21, Sunday had been published in the New York Times, won an award (Girls’ Voices of Change, 2018) and is earning a living out of photography. Suddenly, their whispered hopes and dreams became a little more real and attainable. Sunday said that she was so challenged and inspired by our students and learned a lot during the short time she spent with them.

In addition to visiting St Mary’s, Silanga, Sunday also accompanied us to Inua Mimi Rescue Centre where she sat in our pre-school photography class. The kids were so excited to have another teacher and they wasted no time introducing and showing her the songs we sing in camera class. She was blown away by the aptitude shown by the pre-school class and amazed at their grasp of concepts at their tender age.

Sarah serves as a great example of just what children can achieve given the right opportunities, regardless of their background or financial situation. We wish her well and look forward to having her visit us again.


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