Photo Start puts the future in focus for generations of young people around the world. Our program has proven that digital photography has the power to do just this by providing a wide range of benefits and opportunities for young people living in under-resourced communities. From developing technical skills and self-expression to providing a means of income generation and advocacy, teaching digital photography has opened many doors for our young people in need – and we have big plans to continue this for 2023. 

Talent is universal, opportunity is not. Through the art and business of digital photography, our program opens the door to opportunities for students to:


Teaching digital photography to young people in under-resourced communities around the world has such a wide range of positive impact and opens up so many opportunities for them. It’s not only about learning photography, but also about developing transferable digital skills, self-expression, education, income generation, and advocacy. With a little bit of support and resources, digital photography can, has, and will to continue to change lives.

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