Weekly Exposure: Introducing the South Africa Pilots

August 05, 2017 // Elizabeth

This week, the Photo Start team took a trip to South Africa to explore new opportunities. We were happy to connect with old friends and new, including several new in-country advisors (see our Team page for more info). These individuals helped us discover new opportunities in South Africa, and will continue to promote our interests in the country.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that with the help of our partners, we will begin two Photo Start pilot programs in Johannesburg and six to eight in Cape Town this fall! In both cities we will partner with established NGOs and artists to engage the community and ensure the programs launch smoothly and effectively. Pilots will begin in October and December, with a full roll out scheduled for early 2018.

In keeping with our mission, we have worked to ensure that each of our programs become a self-sustaining and integral part of the community. Our expansion to South Africa will allow us to more fully recognize this aspect of our work by transitioning more and more of our Kenya program to local partners, students, and volunteers. This will help Photo Start to become an increasingly vibrant and influential part of the community, and will provide life-changing opportunities for our students. We look forward to seeing our partners in Kenya take on more active leadership roles, and to establishing new programs in South Africa.

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