Weekly Exposure: Nairobi National Museum Exhibit

July 23, 2017 // Elizabeth

This week, Photo Start was thrilled to attend the kick off of a two-week exhibit at the Nairobi National Museum. The exhibit will give members of the public an opportunity to see the incredible photos taken by Photo Start students, and the event allowed the students to see their work hung proudly on the same walls that have housed many wonderful artists over the years.

During the event alone, hundreds of people came through the doors and saw Photo Start students’ art. Many more are anticipated over the next two weeks. The kids were absolutely thrilled to see people appreciating their hard work. The exhibit gave students immense pride in themselves, which we know builds confidence and dedication to continue improving their skills. It also gave them exposure to a wide-array of community members, and allowed them to practice their communication and business skills.

In anticipation of the big day, Photo Start students painted big canvases to be used as backdrops, display pieces, and photo booths at the exhibit. After the exhibit, the canvases will be used as backdrops during photography sessions. Photography is the creation of something from nothing, and allowing students to create and put their own “gear” to use is a major step forward for the program. Students will be able to physically alter the appearance of their settings, which gives much more control over the shoots. This experience allowed the kids to get creative and think about the ways in which art is a perception of reality. We look forward to building off of the success of both the exhibit and our canvas creation day, and we hope to plan other similar initiatives in the near future!

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