July 6, 2017

Weekly Exposure: What’re The Kids Up To?

By David

Hey! You’re back! Thanks for sticking around for Volume Two of Photo Start’s Weekly Exposure. Over the coming weeks the Weekly Exposure will be your eyes and ears in Kenya. We’ll keep you posted on what the students are learning, how we’re building off previous lessons, what we’re working towards, and all the exciting new developments happening on the ground. Read on for more…

What’d You Learn at School Today?

This week we averaged 21 students per class, and had the opportunity to take the kids on a walk through the Olympic neighborhood of Kibera. The students worked on the ability to do complex multi-tasking and building an awareness of space. They focused on moving with the camera, being aware of their 360 degree environment at all times, and simultaneously framing and exposing their images. We also emphasized relationship building throughout the neighborhood in order to build a community presence for Photo Start and our students.

This was an exciting week for Photo Start because some of our older students have reached a level of proficiency with the camera that allows them to assist in leading the sessions. We worked with them to introduce cameras to some of our newer, younger students and taught everyone how to use software and Excel on iPads. As a fun treat, some of the students have begun exploring music creation on GarageBand — we may have a few hits on our hands!

Keep Building Up

This week we built on previous lessons to further cement the students’ understanding of compression, photographic narratives, and perspective. We worked closely with students of all levels to use tablets to sign out equipment and to control and diffuse light when taking photographs in the field. We’re excited to see many of our students beginning to really understand the ins and outs of photography, and feel confident that we will be able to move them up to the next level of lessons in the near future. We’re very proud of everyone’s hard work!

Eyes on the Prize

Photo Start students have already made so much progress, and we are really looking forward to continuing to work with them to create a narrative of their lives through images. In the coming weeks, we will keep working on their understanding of subject isolation and compression, and how focal length and fov impact this. Keep checking into the Weekly Exposure for more!

Student Spotlight

Keep an eye out for an exciting new addition coming soon…

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