December 7, 2020

Wow! GivingTuesday Grows – and So Do We!

By Denise

On December 1, the world united to show support for their favorite nonprofit organizations. And people came out in record numbers. 

At Photo Start we TRIPLED our family members – we’re going to need a bigger holiday dinner table! Our students will benefit with more classes, more memory cards, and more memories that will last forever. They will also gain valuable, marketable, transferable skills that will lead to successful employment in whatever career they choose. Thank you from the bottom and top of our hearts to everyone who gave their time, money, and voice to our campaign. And for those who signed up, welcome to the family! 

If you weren’t able to give, that’s ok! 2020 has been tough for all of us. We moved our classes online earlier this year, but that meant many of our students could not participate due to lack of computers or internet connections. Lockdown in Nairobi had students meeting in a classroom and learning from a single laptop. Not ideal for learning photography. 

There is a way you can help us this holiday season. In lieu of the cancelled holiday gatherings this year, you can hold a Drive-By Donation Drive! Collect iPads, tablets, laptops, and smartphones so our kids can keep learning and stay connected to their community of trainers, mentors and friends in the safety of their homes.  Everything should be clean and in good working condition. Also, please ask for donations of boxes, packing material, and shipping costs.

At the end of your donation drive, send us a list of equipment using this webform, and we’ll instruct you where to ship everything. Easy peasy!

Working together, we can KEEP OUR FAMILY SAFE!

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