Every Student has A Story

Students in the Photo Start program learn how to tell their stories through the compelling pictures they create. But now, you can read the story behind the photograph. Make sure to check in regularly as more students are featured.



Meet the students

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Aldonia Arrison

Aldonia is a 12 year old student at Rietenbosch Primary School, in Rietenbosch, South Africa.

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Caitlynn Martin

Caitlynn is a student at the Carel du Toit Center, where deaf children learn to speak. She enjoys spending time with friends and with the camera.

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Daniel Mutua

Daniel, with his quick smile, is one of the most appreciative kids we’ve worked with, and also very generous…

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Duane Miller

Duane is a 15 year old student from Paulus Joubert school in Paarl, SA who wants to be a diversified artist when he grows up.

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Elizabeth Siangoi

Elizabeth wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. She knows she needs to work hard…

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Mercy Kageha

Mercy is a teen whose love for dancing is unmistakable. She has three brothers and one sister and her only wish…

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Victor Otieno Onyango

Victor is a teen who is not sure of his year of birth. He lives and attends school at Inua Mimi Rescue Centre…

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Ahlumile Mkati

For Ahlumile, fun is at the centre of everything! A student at Rietenbosch Primary School, Ahlumile has a kind heart. One of her top wishes is that all kids had access to candy – very sweet!

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