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Making a difference in the lives of children in distressed areas by teaching them life skills through photography.

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We Find Students

Four out of five children in impoverished areas spend more time on the streets than in a classroom. We provide education and mentorship to at-risk youth, keeping them off the streets and out of harm’s way.

We Teach

We teach vulnerable students the art and business of photography. From using a camera to digital production and office applications, students develop not only technical and creative skills, but also social-emotional skills to help them succeed in the world.

Learn, Create, Exhibit

We’re introducing a new generation of artists. Our students take the knowledge we’ve given them to capture their unique perspectives. Their photographs are printed and put on display for the world to see.

Graduate and Keep Going

The students become the teachers. We encourage all advancing students and graduates to become certified trainers in the Photo Start program, creating employment opportunities and organizations on the ground.

Every Student has A Story

Students in the Photo Start program learn how to tell their stories through the compelling pictures they create. But now, you can read the story behind the photograph.



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