A Future in Focus​
Through the lens of photography, we teach children and young adults skills to shine in all fields of life.
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Flash Forward
We have an urgent need for used digital cameras and smartphones. Give your old gear a new life.
Help us honor the memory of our dear friend, Eric Richenstein (1982-2020).

The Wide Angle on Photo Start

Talent is universal. Opportunity is not. We are changing that. Providing free digital photography lessons and equipment, Photo Start teaches valuable professional and life skills which put a bright future in the focus of youth in under-resourced and marginalized communities worldwide.

Ready for a Close-Up?

Our Story

Photo Start is an international family of photographers, students, teachers, volunteers, partner organizations, and supporters. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in New York City, we partner with local grassroots community organizations around the globe. We are currently in eight (8) countries where we facilitate in-person, hybrid, and online photography classes, with exciting plans to launch in Asia and Israel.

Our Students

Since 2016, we have provided more than 1,549 students with 131,000+ hours of theoretical and practical classes to 54 Program Partners. To date, 69 students have graduated to become trainers and mentors  in the Photo Start program. In addition, many of our students have been able to apply their newly acquired skills as employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their communities.

Why Photography?

Photography integrates science, technology, digital production, the arts, and storytelling for a low-cost, high-value, high-quality education. We include problem-based, social-emotional learning to nurture the focus, perspective, and vision of the leaders of tomorrow, who will impact their communities for generations to come.

Developed at the onset of the pandemic, our innovative digital program, Eric’s Circle of Light (ECOL), honors our dear friend Eric Richenstein (1982-2020) by doing what we do best: providing access to education and opportunity to young people most in need. 

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Photo Start relies on donations to operate. Your generous gift today will brighten the tomorrows of our students.

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Photo Start relies on donations to operate. Your generous gift today will brighten the tomorrows of our students.