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We are reaching out to you today because we believe that every child and youth has the right to reach their full potential and the lack of inclusive and equitable education is a global crisis that affects millions of children and youth worldwide. But we can't do it alone. We rely on the support of donors like you to continue our mission of empowering young people and building a brighter future for all. Your donation will directly support our efforts to provide education and skills training to young people, helping them to improve their skills, confidence and employability and enable them to contribute positively to their communities.

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A photography class is just not possible without cameras, lenses and related gear. 100% of our tools are donated – and not limited to cameras and accessories; we also need iPads, smartphones, laptops, and audio/video tech. Your “outdated” gear can sustain a Photo Start program for many years!



Discover alternative ways to support Photo Start, like becoming a fundraiser, various sponsorship methods or donating equipment.

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Donations make it possible for us to keep a small, but mighty team of instructors to keeps things moving. Your support ensures we can continue providing the best service to our students and partners.

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“My future will now be bright because of this opportunity that I was given.”

-Dorcas Uwera, Club Rafiki, Rwanda